drop off


  • STUDENT PICK UP DURING THE SCHOOL DAY - If you are picking up your child from school, regardless of the time of day, you need to heed the posted signs so that your vehicle is clear from the bus/fire lane area where students are crossing, boarding or exiting school vehicles, not blocking traffic, or parked illegally along the yellow curbing.  You must park either in the side parking lot or the Colony Park back parking lot, and enter the front of the building to sign out and pick up your child. *Please do not park in Reserved spots or Handicapped Parking unless you have permission to do so.


    STUDENT PICK-UP @ 3:25 - Parents who pick-up their children at school on a regular basis at the end of the school day should go to the back of the school for student pick-up. When picking up your child at the end of the school day, proceed to the back of the building and enter car line on  the side of the building for pick-up. Each car will be given a designated number that coincides with their child’s number.  As cars enter the pick-up line, your child will be matched with his/her number to the number assigned to your car.


    WALKERS - who are not a parent pick up will be released at the rear door.  At the 3:25 PM dismissal time, students are expected to go directly home.    If a parent gives their son/daughter permission to go to a friend's home, stop at a neighbor's, be transported by someone other than the parent, etc., a note is to be sent to the child's teacher containing this information and handed to the teacher first thing in the morning.  Students may only ride buses to which they are assigned.  Students may not ride other buses.