Wilson's Vision of Education

Our district mission describes the critical processes that we adhere to in order to produce well-rounded graduates. See the mission on Page 3. Wilson's vision, on the other hand, describes what we strive to be and the four paramount methods of reaching our goals.

Wilson's Vision

Wilson strives to create a fiscally attentive, collaborative, enriching, and respectful learning environment where students are challenged in a rigorous standards-based curriculum utilizing technology and data-driven instruction.

  • Collaboration in order to share expertise and improve upon our educational portfolio;
  • Data-driven in order to understand our strengths and adjust our weaknesses;
  • Standards-based in order to guarantee that our curriculum in aligned to national, state and local standards of achievement;
  • Rigorous in our approach to teaching and learning in order to insure success for all learners.

Wilson's administration and staff take the vision statement and distill it further into six "planks". We all develop professional goals to reach in a school year that are linked directly one of these six planks.

These planks help us gauge the ways that we as a professional staff accomplish our district's mission and attain our district's vision.

Strategic Vision Planks for
Goal Setting and Action Planning

  1. Improve upon and expand Wilson’s portfolio to advance student success.
  2. Increase organizational agility and capacity for all students and employees.
  3. Grow Wilson regionally and nationally as a result of staff and student success.
  4. Artfully develop and use infrastructure for all stakeholders.
  5. Create a flatter organizational structure for stakeholder collaboration and relationship building.
  6. Control for fiscal accountability throughout the District.