Wilson's Core Values Reflect Educational Development

Wilson's motto has remained consistent over the years, "Wilson's Pride - Our Children." That basic Wilsonian tenet is an example of a core value. It is a truth to which the faculty and staff cleave that underlines our attitudes towards our students.

Many successful organizations credit their success to a set of clear core values which are recognized and subscribed to by everyone at the company.

Over time that first motto has expanded as we have reviewed our belief systems and fleshed out our values. We have developed the following list of core values.

  • We believe that every child can learn.
  • We believe that a standards-based curriculum is essential to the development of a uniform knowledge base.
  • We believe in a philosophy of continuous improvement for everyone.
  • We believe in a strong home and school partnership.
  • Our educational activities and everyday interactions are enriched by our acceptance of one another, and, as members of the Wilson community, we believe we learn from each other in an atmosphere of positive engagement and mutual respect.
  • We believe the role of the Board of Education is to support the District’s strategic plan while being fiscally responsive to the community.
  • We believe in a decision-making process that is student-centered, collaborative, data driven and research based.
  • We believe that stakeholders must have access to a safe environment.
  • We believe in a philosophy of discipline that is developmentally appropriate, reflective and restorative.
  • We believe technology enhances the educational program, facilitates academic achievement, and supports the management of the district.
  • We believe that extracurricular activities are a privilege that enhances the educational program and fosters character development.
  • We believe that communication is important within the organization and outside to our community.
  • We believe that all members of the Wilson community are stakeholders of the District’s mission and vision.
  • We believe in assisting in the character development of our students and faculty with the intention of producing citizens of character.