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As we look forward to 2011-2012, communicating the details about our district remains a priority. Please read the details below regarding the upcoming school year, and be sure to check the district website periodically to keep yourself up to date on all items that will be in place.



The following will be in place at the Secondary Level:

Homeroom to the end of last period: 7:33am – 2:40pm


The following will be in place at the Elementary Level:

Homeroom to the end of last period: 8:50am – 3:10pm


Elementary items of note prior to the start of homeroom at 8:50:

• At 8:15am, the Breakfast program will begin inside each elementary school cafeteria – priced at $1.35 per student.

• At 8:35am, any students who are dropped off or walk to school (and are not participating in the breakfast program) will be permitted to enter the building.

• At 8:40am, most of the buses should be arriving and dropping off students. Any students that arrive earlier via bus will be allowed in whenever the bus drops them off.



Secondary School Offices – 7:00am to 4:00pm

Elementary School Offices – 7:45am to 4:15pm

District Offices - 7:30am to 4:00pm

The HR Office will be staffed at 7am to handle substitute teacher occurrences.



Wilson High School: 7:00am – 4:00pm

Southern and West Middle Schools: 7:30am – 4:00pm


CHILD CARE – Pre-School and Before/After School Care

Wilson Before/After School Childcare Program has a rate option for morning care for parents utilizing one hour or less of the child care services. The 1-hour childcare rate of $10 will be in place for care from 7:35-8:35am. Child care will open at 6:30am for any parents needing earlier care – anyone dropped off prior to 7:35am will incur the daily morning rate of $18 per day. All centers operate on a 6:30am to 6:00pm schedule.


Before OR After school program:           Before AND After school program:

5 days per week = $18.00 per day          5 days per week = $22.00 per day.

2-4 days per week = $20.00 per day       2-4 days per week = $24.00 per day.


Wilson Pre-School Childcare Program has new rates for the 2011-12 school year.  This is a public Pre-School program and is open to all children ages 3 and up.  The rates are as follows:


Full Day Pre-School Program:                Half Day Pre-School Program:

5 days/week = $35/day ($175/wk)           5 days/week = $20/day ($100/wk)          

4 days/week = $40/day ($160/wk)           3 or 4 days/week = $22/day ($66 or $88/wk)

3 days/week = $45/day ($135/wk)


If your child is already enrolled in child care, please refer to your contract for additional program guidelines. If you would like to enroll your child, please contact Kim Stivala at 610-670-0180 ext.1161.



LUNCH                                                             BREAKFAST

$2.20 for Elementary                                         $1.35 for Elementary

$2.40 for Secondary                                          $1.55 for Secondary

$3.00 for Secondary “MEAL DEAL” platter           $2.10 for Adult

$4.05 for Adult Regular Platter

$4.55 for Adult “MEAL DEAL” platter



$.55 for 1% and Skim White Milk

$.60 for 1% Strawberry and Skim Chocolate Milk



In March 2010, Wilson established a student activity fee. The purpose of the activity fee is to off-set costs associated with the implementation of Wilson’s extracurricular programs in grades 6-12. For the 2011-2012 school year, the activity fee will remain a one-time fee of $60 per student. The one-time fee will allow a student to participate in an unlimited number of extracurricular activities. 


Checks are to be made payable to the “WILSON SCHOOL DISTRICT” with the students name, grade and activity written on the check. At the middle schools, the check is to be given to the coach/advisor. At the senior high, checks can be given to the coach/advisor or submitted to the athletic office. All cash payments must be hand delivered to the Senior High athletic office.


There are some extracurricular activities that are service-based or co-curricular and participating students will not be required to pay the activity fee. For a list of these activities, more details about the fee, and FAQ’s, please visit www.wilsonsd.org/Athletics.  Any questions regarding the activity fee can be directed to the Extracurricular Office at 610-670-0810 x1141.



The Wilson School District has scheduled the following Sports Physical Examinations on the dates listed below. Times are approximate – please be prepared to wait. All exams will take place at the High School Nurses Suite:


November 8th – High School Sports

5:30 PM – High School Girls

6:45 PM – High School Boys


November 10th – Middle School Boys & Girls Sports & WHS Make-Up Exams

5:30 PM – Middle School Girls

6:15 PM – Middle School Boys

7:00 PM – High School Make-Ups


February 28th – High School Sports

5:30 PM – High School Girls

6:45 PM – High School Boys


March 13th –Middle School Boys & Girls Sports & WHS Make-Up Exams

5:30 PM – Middle School Girls

6:15 PM – Middle School Boys

7:00 PM – High School Make-Ups


All students must bring a CIPPE physical form signed by a parent or guardian to the examination. No students will be examined without a signed, completed form and the $15 fee. Forms are available at the following offices: West, Southern, High School, the Athletic Office and the Wilson website (www.wilsonsd.org). Students should wear shorts to the exam or bring a pair with them, along with their glasses.


If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Office at 610-670-0180 ext.1141. If you choose to have your family doctor complete the CIPPE form, it must be dated ON/AFTER June 1, 2011.



Typically held on the 4th Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted, the Superintendent will host monthly Town Hall Meetings. These informal gatherings are open to all district residents and serve as an opportunity for the public to come and informally discuss district issues with the Superintendent. All Town

Hall Meetings for the upcoming year are listed in this calendar.



Each week, the Bulldog Blitz weekly e-newsletter will be sent out denoting District upcoming events and activities, as well as recognitions and items of note. As we move toward more efficient electronic communications methods, this will be a critical component for keeping our staff, parents and residents informed during the upcoming year.


The Blitz is also the ONLY WAY that Flyers & Handouts are distributed. No district-wide paper flyers will be sent home, but rather posted on-line at www.wilsonsd.org/Flyers. Individual buildings and PTOs reserve the right to send papers home as needed. To sign up for the Bulldog Blitz weekly e-newsletter, just go to www.wilsonsd.org/BulldogBlitz.



www.wilsonsd.org  - Main web page, news, announcements

www.wilsonsd.org/Flyers  - ALL district-wide handouts are posted online

www.wilsonsd.org/Lunch  - Monthly lunch menus

www.wilsonsd.org/Calendar  - 2011-12 one-page school year calendar

www.wilsonsd.org/CycleDay  - Daily Cycle Day for K-12 students

www.wilsonsd.org/Emergency  - Emergency closing information

www.wilsonsd.org/Athletics  - Up-to-the minute schedules & information

www.wilsonsd.org/Alumni  - Alumni info, reunions, past yearbooks



If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as our mission is to serve the Wilson community to the greatest extent possible. If you cannot find an answer to your questions through the use of our web page, please contact your school’s main office for additional help.




 X1710  Cornwall Terrace Elementary

X2810  Green Valley Elementary

X2710  Lincoln Park Elementary

X1910  Shiloh Hills Elementary

X1810  Spring Ridge Elementary

X2610  West Wyomissing Elementary

X1610  Whitfield Elementary


X1410  Southern Middle School

X1310  Central JH / West MS


X1150  Wilson High School