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First Grade
Mrs. Susan Showalter     Miss Erin Neiswender     Mrs. Kim Wilson
Reading and Language Arts
The Wilson School District is currently using the "Treasures" Language Arts curriculum.  This research-based program will provide lessons in phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and writing through whole-group, small-group, and one-on-one activities. We will divide into Guided Reading Groups to help us better individualize and pace our reading instruction with appropriate level books.  For more information about this program, please visit the "Treasures" website for Parents and Families at http://treasures.macmillanmh.com/national/families.
  • Literacy Work Stations will provide opportunities to work in partner groups as the children practice literacy skills modeled during whole-group instruction.  We call these stations "The Daily Five" and will include "Read to Self", "Read to Someone", "Word Work", "Work on Writing", and "Listen to Reading".  Opportunities to work on technology will also be available during Work Station time.  The stations allow children to work at their ability level, providing opportunities for independent challenge and support as needed.
  • Spelling/Phonics: Discovering similarities and differences among words helps students to process the structure of words, which, in turn, aids in their progress in reading and writing. Students will compare, sort, and build words according to the cycle's spelling patterns. 
  • Writing Portfolios: Children will develop Writing Portfolios containing selected materials from various components of writing: personal narratives, informational writing, opinion writing, and realistic fiction.
As of the 2012-2013 school year, our Math program is titled "enVision Math".  This research-based program is based on the Common Core Standards and is centered around interactive technology and visual learning.  All skills are taught for mastery through guided, cooperative, and independent hands-on learning that is differentiated to serve all students' needs. 
Social Studies/Science/Health
Units of study will include Self-awareness, Safety, The Five Senses, Solids and Liquids, Nutrition, The Family, Doctors/Dentists, Air and Water, Ecology, Plants, and Butterflies, as well as seasonal and holiday-related themes. These units will incorporate reading, writing, and math skills.
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