The School Age Summer Program is open to the public!  You do not have to be a Wilson resident to enroll in our Summer program.  
The 2017 Summer program will run from June 12, 2017 through August 24, 2017 (subject to change).

The location of the 2017 School Age Summer Program will be at Cornwall Terrace Elementary, which is located at 3100 Iroquois Avenue, Sinking Spring PA 19608.  

Hours of operations is 6:30am - 6:00pm. 

Children must be “entering” grades 1 through 5 to participate in the 2017 School Age Summer Program.


Should you wish to enroll in our School Age Summer program, please call 610-670-0180, ext 4823.

A separate contract is required for enrollment in the Summer Program.


The rates for the 2017 Summer Program are as follows:

Full Day
Summer Program (6:30am-6:00pm):                  Half Day Summer Program (8:30am-12:30pm):

- 3 full days = $155.00/week                                               - 3 half days = $120.00/week

- 4 full days = $180.00/week                                               - 4 half days = $140.00/week 

- 5 full days = $195.00/week                                               - 5 half days = $155.00/week

- Three day per week minimum contract is required

- Varying day schedule (where days of week change each week) is not offered

- Discounts are not Available for Summer Program


Financial assistance is available for eligible parents through Child Care Information Services (CCIS).  Information regarding financial eligibility may be obtained by calling the BCIU office at 610-987-2247.

Additional Program Information

§ A snack will be provided in the morning and afternoon

§ Transportation will not be provided - parent pick-up and drop-off
The following forms are required to be filled out for enrollment in the 2017 Summer Program at Cornwall Terrace Elementary:
For a Non Subsidized Enrollment Contract for Summer School Age Program, please CLICK HERE
For a Subsidized Enrollment Contract for Summer School Age Program, please CLICK HERE
For the Emergency Contact Form, please CLICK HERE
For the  School Age Child Care Program Agreement, please CLICK HERE
For the Summer Program-School Age Parent Guidelines Handbook, please CLICK HERE

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the contacts below at 610-670-0180 or by email:

Claudia Schadler-Duong, Administrative Assistant, ext 4823 or schcla@share.wilsonsd.org

Karen Hozza, School Age Lead Supervisor, ext 6676 or hozkar@share.wilsonsd.org

Steven Good, Coordinator of Child Care, ext 1163 or gooste@share.wilsonsd.org