Meredith Martin
Kindergarten, Shiloh Hills
Room 173
Contact Information:
Phone:(610) 670-0180
Extension: 1964
Professional Information:
Bachelor's Degree: Millersville University - December, 2007
Teaching Experience:  Six Years, Kindergarten - Wilson School District
 We're having a whale of a good time in Kindergarten!
 Let's dive into hard work!
Good choices are a treasure.
Here are our rules: 

#1  - Be kind and respectful to people and things.
#2  - Follow directions the first time they are given.
 #3  - Keep your hands and feet to yourself - Pay attention.
#4 - Raise your hand to speak.
#5  - Put away materials where they belong. 
#6 - Do your best and have fun!  
Last Modified on September 15, 2013